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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Psi Thoughts

I have just read Dr. Eben Alexander's books, "Proof of Heaven" and "Map of Heaven" which led me to a book by one of my old teachers, Lawrence LeShan. They brought up thoughts of many of my extra-ordinary experiences.

Musing on these in the shower, the word "parabola" kept coming to me with insistence. So Iooked it up to review its meaning and to see if it brought any light on my current thoughts about my beyond ordinary moments.

Parabola - a curve, any point is an equal distance from a fixed point and a fixed straight line. Any ray parallel to the axis of symmetry gets refleted off the surface straight to the focus. To understand this more, go to and look at the great diagrams particularly the one called "Reflector."

Anyway, when I saw this diagram, I thought about my conscious awareness being the focus. Various streams coming from various awarenesses come to my focus. Usually the stream that the focus is aware of is the beta, the outer world, the common, the typical. But at other times, more rare streams come to my awareness at the focus. At those times I know things or see things or understand things without any apparent way.

So I'm thinking that perhaps the expandness I sometimes experience is always streaming toward my focus and some sort of shift in me allows it to come to my awareness. I can always know more, but I don't know how to turn it on or off.

I know that when I regularly meditate, it happens more often, not so much during meditation, but at some moment as I walk my life. I know when it holds a strong emotional trigger, it is more powerful and clear. I know I cannot force it to come, but allow it.

A small example happened 4 years ago. I had a sudden vision of my son walking past me. The scene was in black and white. In a monotone he said "Good-bye Mom."  At first I thought it was because he was on one of his tears of being angry at me and not talking with me. But my daughter called and told me his phone numbers were disconnected. We discovered he had sold his property and moved out of state at that time. I had no earthly way to know before that that he had picked up and left.

I could write a large number of personal examples, but don' want to get sidetracked here. I am exploring what on/or off the earth is going on??? Not  sure, but I am sure something amazing is going on all of the time.

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