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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ride the Wave

As I reflect upon my life and what I know of the lives of others, I see waves of ups and downs. A straight line is bad news for it indicates no life. Yet it seems we all decry the waves of our lives.

Today is Thanksgiving. I was thinking this morning of the many Thanksgivings of my life and how wildly varied they have been. Some were set in homes filled with relatives and great aromas. Some were more solitary. Some were filled with hope and some despair. Whatever they were, they were all different.

Today is not my favorite Thanksgiving. If you know me, you know a bit about that. But nevertheless, the day continues irrespective of my circumstances. Whatever it will be, next Thanksgiving will be different - so hope leads me onward.

I am thankful that God has given me the freedom to experience life on earth and learn and grow, to love and forgive, to hope and dream and to find an inner spiritual connection that guides me no matter what part of the wave I am experiencing.

It has been said that contrast, yin/yang, is what brings the pleasure of this experience. Without darkness, light has little or no meaning. It is the shadows that bring definition. None of us came here with a contract in our hand saying all would be smooth sailing with no waves.

Part of the reason we came here is to flex our spiritual muscles and surf life, ride the waves, always remembering who we really are.

God bless you, bless us all and lead us to fearlessly ride the waves of ths life.

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