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Saturday, July 18, 2015


This morning I was considering the state of becoming in which we all live. We have become many things. We have learned and grown and become more of our true self with each passing moment, or we have shied away from becoming more and shut down parts of ourselves.. Life is not static, so we are compelled in some inner way to expand and become more. But we cannot stand still, if we shrink from the adventure of becoming more, we become less. And, we are not a done deal, we are in process. We are becoming something that we are not this day.

In our becoming, sometimes, it seems to me, we forget the infinite spring of creativity that gurgles within us and the unlimited possibilities that stretch before us and beckon us to come, come, come this way, - expand, become more, let out more of the imprisoned splendor.

If we resist, life gets stale, and we become bored or even cruel instead of becoming more of the magnificent child of the Infinite that we actually are. I see people walking around the mall, the grocery store, the sidewalks and byways of life with their eyes and focus in a phone/computer. They are numbed. They have ceased to create. They have ceased to celebrate the magnificent creation that is all around them. They don't see that all of nature points tirelessly to our Infinite Divine Creator. They walk without seeing - let she who has eyes to see, see God everywhere.

I think there is creativity starvation afoot. Therefore, there is spiritual starvation.

Winning at a computer game is not creativity. Forwarding a cute video is not creativity. A "selfie" is not creativity. Ignoring the cries of the trees you pass is not being aware that all is part of the Creator, all is consciousness.

We are by our divine nature, called to create. Create beauty, love, prayers, new ideas, friendships, jokes, quilts, books, etc. Creativity and Spirituality are closely linked. They nurture the deep soul together and lead us up and out of the hypnosis of the meaningless.

I have not been bored, as far back as I can recall. I feel the bubbling and am stirred to action by possibilities that beckon to me. So many ideas dance in me. So many things to do and become. Each millisecond that I spend here on earth, I am becoming more or less. How I spend my day matters. How I spend this moment is important, for it helps create the next and the next.

I dream of a creativity Renaissance here in the 21st century, and on its heels, a true spirituality Renaissance. In my lifetime???  Come be part of the Renaissance. Resign from the meaningless and become all God intended when you were created.

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