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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Emma and Me

Emma Curtis Hopkins has had a fairly large impact on my life. She was a spiritual teacher in the early 1900's and late 1800's. The three main New Thought groups were founded by people who studied with her, so many of her ideas have woven themselves into the 21st century via, not only New Thought, but also the varied positive thinking teachers, evangelists and many middle of the road Christian churches. One can see her influence on Joseph Murphy, Emmet Fox, Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller, books like the Chicken Soup series, Joel Osteen, etc. They may not know that some of their ideas flew through the years to them by a string of writers, teachers and preachers. They may not teach all of her ideas, but some came through some circuitous route to today.

As I re-read one of her books, I am inspired by the ideas that have touched me deeply and also able to set aside some of her ideas from so long ago that no longer prove out. As I move though, and out of the valley we've been treading, her words encourage me and empower me  I want to simply share a few.

Nothing is sure at all in your life until it has been put through the furnace, which is the meeting of the opposite to it with its noble steadfastness to itself.

Firmness is poise, balance of character. Balance, poise of character is a great healing quality.

When the character is in the light, these four are seen to be: First, artlessness, which is innocence; second, attractiveness, which is beauty and judgment; third aspiration; and fourth, ascension, or the complete absorption of the mind and life in spiritual themes. The transformation of character from the first four to the last four comes when we meet temptation with the right spirit.

A man's word is the weapon with which he cuts out his destiny, or it is the stuff out of which he builds his life.

Jesus Christ taught that we may uplift our life by uplifting our thoughts. Jesus Christ taught that the only uplifting thoughts are the thoughts of God

The true faith gives freedom to all men exactly as to ourselves. You can tell when you have true faith by the pleasure you take in seeing others successful and prosperous in their own ways.

There is an elixir in the words of Truth. Keep them going continually. They will change your entire life and change your powers. You are a miracle worker by inherent right. Give your soul the chance to do all your thinking, all your speaking.

There is good for me, and I ought to have it

Though all around thee courage fail, do thou be strong. Though all around thee doubt prevail, in faith move on.

Faith is the curative principle.

Do not be deceived by your imaginations. Live by Principle.

Thank you, Emma.

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