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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sermon on the Mount

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount has always been special to me. In fact, when we were in Israel, I read it aloud on THE Mount, and was deeply moved. There are Franciscan Nuns who live there now, and one came to me and told me she was moved by my reading (I didn't know there was anyone there except my husband). It was a profound day for me.

Scholars do not know if the Sermon on the Mount was given in one day, over several days or a composite of sermons over a longer period. Nevertheless, it is deep and incredible. Some say that it is Jesus' modern interpretation of Moses' 10 Commandments. I have read that it is the constitution for the Kingdom of God here on earth, and I really like that idea. If lived as reported, the world would be an entirely different place.

I guess what troubles me about it, is that there are billions of people now and over time who identify themselves as Christians. Yet, there is so little action in line with this Constitution of the Kingdom of God.

It seems to me that saying one is a Christian implies that there is sincere attempt to follow Christ by doing everything possible to live as he outlined and modeled. It is not about words. It is not about spouting theology. It is not about being a modern Christian version of the Sadducees and Pharisees. It is about being on fire within with the walk. It is about that immediate and personal life in God that speaks to God as Papa, Beloved, Abba. It is about shining love and forgiveness, about being a peace maker. It is about living the Kingdom of God.

It has often been said If you were hauled into court and accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Perhaps we could add, Is there evidence to show that you live a life in line with the Constitution of the Kingdom of God?

Some days I weep for the strange and awful ways of this world. I ache over the judgmental and angry "Christians" and the loss of the meaning of what it means to follow Christ. I don't know, but it may be that those on this planet are not able to live the divine constitution. Perhaps we are yet too primitive. But, wait, there are glimmers. There are scattered across the centuries and the planet those who did "get it." So then the question might be What needs to happen to spread that fire in the belly to quicken the hearts and minds and to establish life in alignment with the Constitution of the Kingdom of God?

Let's contemplate this and listen for the Holy Presence whispers. There is an answer. In the meantime let's you and me do our very best to emulate Christ and walk with fire in our belly's. Let's be contagious with goodness.

Oh God, today is the day You have chosen for me to turn even more to You and to the life of Christ. Lead me to walk and talk and be a person who upholds the Constitution of the Kingdom of God. Show me The Way Beloved Presence. 

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