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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Thomas Jefferson

I am reading Dr. Ben Carson's newest book, and finding it fascinating. A quote from Thomas Jefferson comes early in the book: "Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted into tyranny."

Anyone paying any meaningful attention to the current state of affairs in our world can see the truth of this statement. However, I don't want to dive into the murky waters of politics here. I saw some other ramifications in this statement.

I was thinking about the human condition, morals, spirituality, etc. I want to note here that I was raised in a middle class environment in a lovely town, so not the same as many others.

When I was a girl, everyone I knew went to church, had high moral values and tried to be helpful not only at home, but also in the world by participating in various worthy causes. We wanted the adults in our lives to be proud of us. We wanted to do well in school. We could see the values echoed in music and television (which was new when I was young -we got the 2nd TV set in our neighborhood in 1952). There was a certain goodness in the various television shows and in the music we danced to and sang.

Somehow we shifted to anything goes. We became somewhat free from the bounds of social morals, church, family, etc and became as if individual governments of our own lives. And in many cases, the lives of individuals under their own rule sank to the opposite of my youth. Now many are under the tyranny of their own perversions.

Behaviors absolutely unthinkable in the 40's and 50's are now displayed as if normal. It is mind whirling to try to understand some of the currently "all right things." Actually, I am horrified at some of the drift I see in the world.

It is said that one cannot put Pandora back in the box once Pandora is out and free to wreck havoc. But I believe with God all things are possible. Perhaps the ship has sailed on the more innocent 1940's and 1950's kind of life, but there must be a way/ways to shift the idea of what is normal back towards what is wise, what is moral, what is for the highest good, what glorifies God. These should be our governors, in my opinion not the unbridled binges into darkness, ugliness and horror.

Guide us to live as You would have us live. Guide us to be governed by wisdom, morality, the highest good, and what is spiritual and glorifies You. Lead us out of this valley of darkness back into Your Light. Show us the Way. We are ready to follow where You lead.

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