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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Jesus told us that the results tell so much when he told us that by our fruits we are known. We are told that the fruits of the Spirit are signs of holiness. People may bluster, people may spout this or that theology, but it is the fruit by which we are known and by which we can discern how we are doing on The Path.

Love - Joy - Peace - Patience - Kindness - Generosity - Faithfulness - Gentleness - Self-Control--- these are the fruits of the spirit according to Richard Rohr and Paul. Look for these things in ourselves. Look honestly.

I look at this list and see myself and also see that I still falter and am not constantly radiating all of the above. I need to honestly look at myself and let go where I am less than what I am called to be. Let go and let God be God in and through me. That is my prime goal.

So back to contemplation, silence, being, revealing, releasing, opening, listening, ising.

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