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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thankful I Am

This Thanksgiving was overflowing with blessings. We were able to be with our daughter, her husband, her two girls (aka granddaughters) and one boyfriend plus a huge number of our son in law's family members. All was in a lovely home high in the hill overlooking Temecula. The food was fantastic. Nothing could have been nicer.

I am feeling a shift in the force, one might say. After a long, dreary, but faith and hope-filled time in several valleys, sprouts of newness emerge. Lord, shine your Light upon the sprouts peeking up and help them to grow and flower and express in fullness. May this be the time of our freedom from that which bound and be the time of freedom to do and be as You Call us. Help us to remember that no matter how something appears, there are Your seeds about ready to sprout. Your Love is with us always. Your Guidance whispers always. Help us to see and hear that which already IS.

As I used to say as part of my benediction, Something wonderful is happening right now...

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