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Friday, January 15, 2016


Richard Rohr wrote: Christian maturity is the ability to joyfully live in an imperfect world.

As we watch the strife in the world unfold on our televisions and tablets, we search for something that is witness to the glories of goodness. As we look over the twists and turns of our own lives, we also see a mixture of strife, failures, pain, joy, successes and healing.

It is humbling. The ego doesn't like it. The ego wants to tell us we are superior and arrogantly judges all others.

No matter how we try to ignore it, cover it up, deny it - we are all works in progress. We have received many bruises as we stumble through this gauntlet of earth. If we look honestly, we can see that this is so for every single person who has graced the lands of earth.

We honestly can say that this is an imperfect world, at least at this moment and every prior moment, and probably every future moment too. We do the best we can, at least most of us do. I know there are those who try to do the worst they can - we see them in sharp detail perpetrating horrors upon their sisters and brothers, earthmates.

Yet, none of this should stop us from living joyfully. Joy is deep in our soul, a reflection of God shining through us when we give permission. We can look imperfection in the face and shine joy back to it. 

Light ends darkness. We can be Joyful Light

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