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Friday, January 22, 2016

What Do We See?

I agree with Teilhard de Chardin when he said : It is essential to see, to see things as they are and to see them really and intensely, to see God everywhere... in all that is most hidden, most solid, and most ultimate in the world. He described the Divine Presence as pervasive and perceptible as the atmosphere in which we are bathed.

In my book, "What On Earth Is Going On? Spiritually Speaking," I endeavor to make the same point and remember that it is written that Jesus frequently talked about having eyes to see and ears to hear. What we are called to see and hear is the Presence, the Divine Presence. It is a puzzle for me that seemingly so few people actually go on this quest, but rather settle for what someone else says about the spiritual and judge by appearances rather than what Jesus called, "righteous judgment."

Teilhard was a priest and a scientist and was able to articulate the oneness of science and spiritual reality. 

Let's just take one little thought that illustrates a bit of this. The table in front of me seems solid. Things sit on it. Nothing goes through it. No light seems to penetrate it. It is called "solid." But, we also know that it is made up of speed demon atoms that move at incredible speeds, and as we go deeper, we discover that this table is actually mostly empty space. Just as the fan that keeps us cool with blades that spin so fast that it looks like a disc, the atoms in the table moving swiftly make the table seem solid. Then I wonder, how do they keep spinning? What keeps them in this shape, at least for a very long time? What holds them together? I move to being in awe of all things visible. Surely some grand Intelligence is at work.

Perhaps in our "concrete jungles" we have lost touch with the wonders of creation and cannot rediscover it during two week vacations to manufactured "fun" zones. We have to try harder than those who live more closely to nature.

A powerful mediation can be contemplating, being with a flower or a tree or a snail. Can we see God there? Can we then expand so that finally we can know that we live and walk and work and move within and as the Divine Presence?

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