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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Another Huxley Thought String

In "Perennial Philosophy," Huxley wrote:
Contemplation is that condition of alert passivity in which the soul lays itself open to the Divine Ground within and without, the immanent and transcendent Godhead.
In the silence, so much has come to me. In what he calls "alert passivity" it becomes possible to hear the wee small voice, or sometimes the booming voice. Contemplation and meditation are like soul conditioners that make the ground of my being able to receive the Divine Ground.

So many in "modern" times seem to be in a hurry to rush to the next great thing, whatever that might be in the moment - more of something whether it be more of a physical thing, emotional thing, experience, for sure something ever more stimulating,

At the same time, I observe a soul hunger that can never be satisfied with the neon lights of consumerism. More, more, more is not what satisfies the hunger, the yearning. the call from the depths to something else.

I am certain that if we all took time each day to spend moments in contemplation and meditation, we would discover another layer of self and life and the journey on earth. A half an hour a day dedicated to this would change individual worlds and the greater world also.

Personally, I like to begin the day with a cup of tea and some inspired writing, selecting a thought from it to roll around in my mind, that is contemplate. Then silence, just being present. Then a bit of writing whatever comes to mind. And at various points along this way, prayer. My entire being is then "conditioned" so that I can walk into the frenzy yet not be part of it, for I know who I am and at least some of my purpose for being here.

Dear world, try this for some weeks and let yourself be amazed.

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