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Monday, October 17, 2016


The situation in our country is disturbing to so many of us. I look with dismay and barely recognise the land of my youth, the land of my ancestors. Sure, some things have moved into positive directions, especially during my lifetime. But right now even those moves seem to be falling apart. For many of us, it is scary. It's a sort of Halloween kind of feeling, real maybe, just scary maybe.

Our people have, for the most part, historically, been generous, caring, spiritual, hopeful people. I have to believe beneath the turbulent mess going on now, if you scratch the surface, you will find the very same spirit that led us to do great things, often self-sacrificing things. People of great courage have risen up and moved us through horrible times, think Civil War or the World Wars. We stopped evils such as fascism with loss of loved ones and with huge financial costs. We did what had to be done.

So, today we need that spirit to rise up again. With so many disintegrating places on earth, with the ugliest presidential campaign in our history, with racial tensions growing, poverty worse, etc. we really must pull ourselves up and do the right and spiritual things that will reestablish balance and goodness.

Let us pray and act from a deep commitment to all things spiritual. Let us remember that each and every one of us is a Divine Creation, carrying the breath, the seed of God within --- every single one of us, and that makes us family.

Love, caring, goodness, compassion, wisdom - they are inside of us. Let them out. Let's turn our world around by being the children of the Most High in every word and deed.

Lord of all, speak in our hearts, speak deeply in all the people of earth. Help us remember who we are and what it is that You want of us. Lead us to be all we can be. Lead us to be an instrument of Your Peace, Your Love, Your Light, Your Wisdom. Set free in us, unleash in us, a flow of Light such as has not been seen for a very long time. Let there be goodness on earth, and let it begin with us.

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