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Monday, December 12, 2016


It seems to me that the natural flow of life is to go toward the light both physically and metaphorically. But, I am seeing that somehow the natural is far too often given a wave good-bye. I am puzzling how that can be

The seed planted in the soil cracks open, and a sprout works its way up to the light, and continues to orient itself to more and more light. It turns the little seed and the soil and the light into a plant, could be a tree, could be a vegetable plant that also bears edible food, could be gorgeous flowers, all with luxuriant leaves. Often at night the flower closes, perhaps rests. At daybreak, it opens again. Life and light go together.

The great spiritual teachings often speak of light metaphorically. I am the Light. We have idioms about light, my mind lit up with new ideas. We have, at least in the back of our minds, that light is essential. Darkness may be taken as rest, as the time to slumber, or it may be taken as turning from the light/the right/the good. I realize that we have at least some degree of free will (we cannot wake up today and decide to be 10 feet tall for example), so that with a speck of free will we can make some choices such as between light and dark, but why would we choose darkness?

Yesterday, for example, people turned from the light and went to the darkside, as Star Wars has so named it. Coptic Christians were slaughtered in Egypt, Syrians had another day of violence, people in the Southside of Chicago were shot, people betrayed one another, people lied and on and on. Why would darkness seem preferable to the light for them?

I don't know for sure. I am sure that I know a piece of it. As I think of Meister Eckhart's words of the seed of God in us, some clarity lights up my mind. We have some degree of free will as to whether that seed cracks open and sends its sprout up to the Light to become all that it can be.

We have a world that has greatly turned its face to the darkside. That is not to dismiss the good people doing wonderful things. It is to notice how prevalent darkness has become. I wonder, are we now numb to it?

At every turn, we see violence, promiscuity, and wild abandon promoted - in movies, television, books. We see church attendance down. We see crazy offshoots of the various spiritual paths that teach their own made up ideas of what is and what is not true. We see hatred and fear of others promoted as "good." We see attacks on those who see whatever it is differently.
Image result for yin yang symbol
As the yin yang symbol exemplifies, even in darkness there is some light, and even in light there is some darkness. There is redemption, yet perhaps while on earth we cannot 100% be free of darkness. But looking at the symbol, I want to be on the side of light with as little darkness as possible.

We, carriers of the seed of God, recipients of the breath of God, are called to turn to the Light. We are called to be all of the good and great things that shall spring forth from us as we reach for the Light. We are called to evaluate our choices - does this ____ lead to Light or to the darkside? We are called to be of great courage and stand firmly focused upon Light, upon Divine Light. We are called to be all that we can be, all that is in the seed of God within us.

Beloved Divine Presence, always with me, always guiding me, always loving me -- lead me to still myself so that I can truly hear and follow You. Give me courage and clarity so that I can fully turn from the darkside and send Your wondrous sprout in me shooting up to Your Light. Let this be the day of my rebirth in You. In joyous expectancy, I turn to You. Thank YOU.

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