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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The End

Well, today is the official end of 2016. We, however, carry the past with us in many ways. When all the issues are resolved, the threads of the year simply blend into the tapestry of our lives and become part of who we express ourselves to be. When issues are unresolved, we lug them into the now to be dealt with by either forgiveness, healing and love or with the fire of resentment and negative passions.

My preference, of course, is to cease all negative ways of non-dealing with the issues.  By not dealing with our issues, we keep them active in our now. They only gain entrance when we choose to pick them up and carry them forward.

Let's end this year with forgiveness, generosity, and love for ourselves and others. Let's begin 2017 with a clear heart.

In addition, I was thinking of a different way to reflect on the passing year and looking into the new year.

  • Contemplate the moments when you felt God's Presence.
  • Contemplate the moments of love - unconditional love given to you and given by you (God is Love).
  • Contemplate the times of compassion you experienced. (It is said that without compassion we cannot be said to know God).
  • Contemplate the good deeds you did and were done to you.
  • Then contemplate how you can encourage more such moments in 2017. 
    • What would be helpful to that goal? 
    • What choices could you make that would lead to living in the awareness of God's Presence?
    • What stops you from walking more fully on the spiritual path?
May God bless you and yours every moment of every day. May we join together to create peace on earth and kindness to all.

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