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Monday, June 26, 2017


My usual morning begins with a couple of cups of tea and inspirational reading for an hour or more. One of my favorite readings is anything by Meister Eckhart (1260-1327 c.e.). I am currently re-exploring "Meister Eckhart Selected Writings." He is one of those that are called "mystic." That is, he had direct experiences with God and wrote with incredible insight and inspiration. He never fails to touch me deeply.

This morning's reading included ideas about God in us, Christ the Son being born in us, The Holy Spirit residing with us - in other words, Oneness. Below are a few lines from him to tweak our thoughts:
If your works are to be living works, then God must spur you into action from within, from your innermost part, if they really are to be alive. For that is where your own life is, that is the sole place where you are truly alive...
 Sometimes a light becomes manifest in the soul, and it seems to us that this is the Son, even though it is only a light. For where the Son becomes manifest in the soul, there too is the love of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I say that it is the nature of the Father to give birth to the Son, and it is the nature of the Son that I should be born in him and in his image. It is the nature of the Holy Spirit that I should be consumed in him. dissolved in him, and transformed wholly into love...
Therefore the Spirit's blessedness resides where it is in the process of being born, for it lives where the Father lives...
As a follower of The Way, I have understood for some time that the Christ is to be born in me/us, dissolving all false sense of separation from God and embracing the Holy Spirit to live a Spirit-filled life. We are called to become as Christ-like, Christ-filled, Christ-expressing as we possibly can. The task is not to worship Christ as some outside deity, but to become Christed ourselves. The blindness in our lives then drops away, and we see and know what cannot be expressed in words. We live as Love, Light, Wisdom, Kindness, Justice and as all qualities of God, for the ego has dissolved in such a way as the soul is freed to answer the Divine Call that is always being sent forth. We are transformed into what we are meant to be.

The puzzle that comes to me is this - what is it that keeps people from focusing their lives like this? What happens that significant numbers of people are running in opposite ways? As an observer, I see people preferring violence, greed, lust, selfishness, betrayal, materiality, mind/soul-numbing drugs, and on and on.

So I ask, what needs to be said or done to reach those lost in a negative loop to help lift them onto the real task of life on earth, the task of discovering who and what we truly are.  Jesus suggested we should judge righteous judgment, not appearances. I think we need to be seeking the deep knowing of our Oneness with God, birthing Christ in us and living a Holy Spirit guided life. I really don't understand how so many get side-tracked. Let's pray.

Here we are Lord. Guide us to You. Help us turn away out of the negative loop. Help us clear the way for the birth of Christ in us. Lead us to be the persons You had in Mind when You created us. Oh, what a world it could be.

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