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Sunday, June 18, 2017

What Can We Give?

In Richard Rohr's summary of meditations for the coming week - for Monday he says:
We can only give away who we are. We can only offer to others what God has done in us. 
This  has soooo much meaning to me. I hope you will re-read this several times and discern what meaning it brings to you and your journey.

To me, it says that the only thing that authentically can come from me is what I personally can attest to from my own knowing, from my very being. 

I want to share an experience/vision I had almost a week ago. I have not shared it, as I had to take some time to process it.

The followers of Jesus were originally known as followers of The Way. I pray sometimes, show me the way. Sometimes I am addressing a specific thing in my life, and sometimes I am addressing my life path in general. I have known for some time that The Way means being ever more Christ-like, continual refinement and surrender, and sincerity of the journey.

Last week I was praying show me the way, and suddenly I saw a winding path, and up ahead was a figure walking the same direction I was, but a distance ahead of me. He partially turned, looked at me and suddenly a brilliant flow of light emanated from him, came to me and connected us. It seemed that my heart and everything in me opened and filled with this light, this Light. He spoke in my heart, I am The Way, follow me, I am The Way to God. And it was as if a curtain had opened to vistas beyond and I fully knew that following The Christ meant becoming as much like him as possible, and in that would lead to a full and deep knowing of God, of Oneness, of Spiritual Life, of that which is beyond the senses of earth. I knew what I already had come to understand at a powerful and deep and new level. Even this day, a week later, I still feel that flow of light that came rapidly, filled me, connected me and educated my soul at another level.

I realize that none of this fits accurately into words, yet I try to share a glimpse of what has been made known to me in hopes that others seeking The Way, can benefit in the manner most wonderful for each.

Lord, bless these words in such a way that they may enter the hearts of all reading them and lead each to You. Thank You for Your Light and Love.

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