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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Cosmic Christ

The Cosmic Christ is thought and spoken of in many circles these days. What does it mean? Basically that the Light that is within is the Cosmic Christ. It is Eckhart's seed of God in everyone. It is the historical Jesus' understanding that the Kingdom of God is within. It is the knowing of Oneness of God. It is mystical and also practical.  It is our hope for the continuance of our earth and of our species.

With the enormous static of this world, particularly this "modern" world, I see a vast majority of people who have no idea what this means, why it would be important, what it would take to move through the static to the place of peace and the knowing of God, our Source, our very life. I have concern for our future, but also I have a hope for spiritual awakening - in time.

We are bombarded with "news" which is almost totally opinion and spin and pretty much on the dark side aligned more with Darth Vader than with God. We are bombarded with ugly, violent, hateful movies, and music. We are bombarded by busyness, by the trivial, by shallowness. We are in some ways fractured and yearn somewhere deep within for restoration and freedom from all of this.

People are leaving churches and other houses of worship because most sermons are book reports, sometimes written by others and purchased from a sermon service; because little actual Biblical scholarship (think cultural context, language, idiom, etc) is explored and taught; because the pre-modern, pre-rational, pre-scientific thinking is taught as actual and literal rather than the myths and parables that they are, and can teach so much more and make sense only in that light; because the teaching and the actions are not congruent, don't match and are not actually taught as maps and goals leading to awakening; because few are teaching how to get out and beyond the static to an actual experience with God; because the great mystics of each tradition are not studied and so most are spiritually illiterate; because people give up on this all and turn to other things - sports, television, gaining wealth, nationalism, etc.

My prayer and contemplation seeks an answer as to how to shift us all out of the traps that lead away from God, from finding the Cosmic Christ within and into releasing the imprisoned splendor of God's Light within each and everyone.

I turn this day, once again, to You, my Creator, my Source, seeking Your Guidance. What am I to do to participate in a spiritual awakening among the people of this earth? What am I to do in my own journey to hear You more fully and act more consistently as You would have me act? Lift my awareness.

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