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Saturday, September 9, 2017

More Thoughts on James

From my book, "What On Earth Is Going On, Spiritually Speaking?"
I am thinking that for us to rise above the circumstances of our lives and do as James urged, we need to face what it is that we are resisting. What holds us down and keeps us in our enclosures? What keeps us in the fog? What keeps us busy, so we don’t even aim for full understanding? What weighs us down so that we don’t allow ourselves to rise up? 
In my experience, the beginning of a journey requires knowledge of where we are now. Facing ourselves honestly is a huge part of the spiritual awakening journey.
The idea that we often live in a fog came to me years ago. The fog creates a kind of amnesia mist, so that we forget we are children of the Most High, made of stardust with a seed/spark of God within.

Especially in this modern world, there is so much frenzy that can keep us down. There is busyness, all kinds of technology, hysteria in media and social networks, flowing mountains of information and misinformation, on and on.

Somehow we must (if we actually want spiritual awakening) pierce through this veil of fog bombarding us and walk into the Light, the Truth, the Freedom, the Love that IS.

We can use the tools of critical thinking, contemplation, meditation, prayer, listening and rising above the din. I suppose there is only so far we can go in this life on this planet in these times, but strive we must not only for our own souls, but also for the soul of the planet.

Let us journey to the edge of the fog, pierce it, peer out of it, move into the Light.

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