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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Insert Spirituality

My current reading is Nikolai Berdyaev. I'm going to share some quotes to discuss:
The man whose life is not turned towards God cannot demand to be shown God or to have His reality demonstrated. The reality of God cannot be "inserted" or demonstrated from without.
Constraint and exterior limitations result from the rejection of life, as it were, from without, and the adoption of an "extrinsicist"  attitude toward the things of this world. For that is exactly what a thing is, namely, that which is outside ourselves and not within. Spirit, on the other hand, always remains in the inner depths, for it is itself depth, it is within, and its life can never owe its origin to the purely external, the superficial and the extrinsic, or it fact to anything which is lifeless and impenetrable. Depth is the symbol of spirit.
He discusses how religion got off track trying to make God a thing. The naturalist mindset has ruled other dimensions and ways out of consideration. One of the ways back, he says, and I agree, is to study those who actually found God, the mystics. While one cannot simply insert spirituality and the spiritual realm, we can consider the thoughts of those who did enter such a realm. They left a trail that can point us in the right direction.

God can be found in the depths. God is not found in idolatry of a book, a set of tenets, theology, rituals or any other external thing. God is found deep within and is experienced. That experience cannot accurately be communicated for it does not fit in words. Words can point, but are not It.

I'm playing with ideas around experiential evenings involving some combinations of lectio divina, journaling, meditations and guided meditations followed perhaps by some conversation rooted in these.

I feel deeply that we must have a spiritual awakening on this planet, for we are at a turning point which could be disastrous, but could be averted, if enough people wake up spiritually. We must move beyond the naive outer, external and perhaps pretend religious practices to deep and meaningful communion with Spirit.

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