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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


The "news" is rarely literal or actual. I have come to see it mostly as a play presented to us to keep us busy and often upset. I see it as a control and power thing. I see it as it was predicted in "1984" and "Brave New World."


  • Someone comes out of a meeting and says inflammatory things about what was said. Other people who were in the same meeting say they did not hear that. The press accuses those who say they did not hear the ugliness as being liars. The press goes into a frenzy over a possible comment but does not even notice the inflammatory speech of people on "their side."
  • The President's doctor gives a detailed account of his physical and mental exam and answers questions for an hour. The press refuses to believe it and begins asking ridiculous questions and making up problems that don't exist - Are you keeping back some information? How can he be healthy and eat cheeseburgers? Are you sure he is mentally fit? Does he have addiction problems? Does he wear dentures? etc etc etc.
  • We keep changing enemies - as in "stop think." We are to accept yesterday's enemies as friends and yesterday's friends as enemies. We are to try to improve relations with country X, but working on that makes one a traitor.
  • We keep changing the most disastrous things - in the 60's global cooling, in the 90's global warming, in the new millennium climate change. Each time some subset of scientists are brought forth to "prove" the new disastrous situation. So when planetary experts say the climate shifts on earth fairly regularly with 120 years of cooling and 200+ of warming, they are not heard, as fact is not what counts. We people of earth must be kept off balance in order to control us and in order to keep those in power in power.
Well, I could go on for pages, but I just wanted to set the situation I want to discuss.

The majority of people seem to be quite naive and fairly easy to manipulate.

So while so many of us are kept busy being upset about what is "happening" or "not happening," or what is said to be "happening" or not "happening," we are not busy with our spiritual life. So instead of meditation, contemplation, spiritual study and conversation, there is a wave of drug addiction, alcoholism, violence, etc. -- or the opposite of spiritual awakening, People are often trapped in an illusion.

I ponder how we can get a wave of spiritual awakening going and extricate us from the imaginary comedy/tragedy presented to us not as a political play but as fact. The restless people trapped in the cycle of "news" really in the depth of their being want something more meaningful and real.

I think people actually yearn to know God. Therein lies my challenge, and hopefully yours, how can we move more people to not only know about God but to actually Know God? To Know God changes everything. How can we reignite the age-old understanding that all and everyone are sacred?  

Many ideas flow in mind. Let us pray together.

Oh, wondrous God, I know that I live all of my life in Your Presence, for You are always with me. I seek Your Guidance so that I may more fully Know You, and I ask for inspiration to find ways to bring a spiritual awakening to the people of earth. I listen....

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