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Monday, June 11, 2018


When I was a little girl in school in California, we had regular fire AND atomic bomb drills. The atomic bomb drills involved us getting under our school desks, curling up and covering our heads with our hands and arms. In later life I, of course, realized how dumb that was. As if that would protect us from an atomic bomb.

The repeated drills were terrifying, telling us over and over how vulnerable and in danger we were. For me, however, there was also born in me an inner scream --- I want, WANT, peace on earth.

Just one more nuclear memory, and I could share dozens. The Cuban Missile crisis  threat had us pretty certain Russian missiles were going to rain down on us from Cuba. I was in college and took the night off work to.hold my baby son all night so he would not die alone. President Kennedy stared them down, and by morning the crisis was over. The Times were horrid. I suppose if you weren't there, it is hard to grasp our terror.


So this very moment a meeting is going on in Singapore that has immense potential for peace. This day is momentous, historic. I pray we all hold this in our hearts prayerfully and sincerely. May there be peace on earth.

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