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Saturday, July 14, 2018


This morning I celebrate the kind and wonderful friends and family that love and support us when those valleys come with their challenges. We all must walk valleys - so far I've not met or read about even one person who had a charmed and perfectly positive life. It seems to be part of the earth experience, perhaps nudging us to grow more deeply and profoundly than we might otherwise.

No matter our financial situation, there is a great richness given to us by such friends and family who stand with us, love us, encourage us, and don't run away when times get tough. God bless you all.

At another level, God is always with us, never turns away. We walk our lives in the Presence of God. We may not always take the time to stop and listen to the Guidance coming to us moment by moment, but it is there waiting for us to hear. We have gigantic richness by virtue of this Truth.!

I think that at some level we are aware that we are offered Guidance -- how many times have we said, "I knew I shouldn't have done ___________!" How did we know? Why did we ignore that knowing is an interesting question. Each of us can explore our own thinking and find our answers to that question. It seems to me that we would serve ourselves well to explore and find our answer -- and then, of course, stop doing whatever we do to ignore Guidance and find strategies to hear and follow.

I know God loves us and is with us, always. The Spirit of God enfolds us. Let us welcome that knowing and embrace it back. Let us be walkers of The Way.

Thank You, Divine Presence, for being with me each and every moment. Teach me to hear You more fully and follow You more constantly.

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