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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Smooth Path Not Guaranteed

I wish it weren't true. I wish all I had to do was tweak this and that and all would forever be smooth sailing. Sadly, smooth sailing constantly is not what happens here on earth. I'm giving my part 2 sermon on Paul tomorrow. He noted that his path had horrendous obstacles, but one has to hang in there and go for the long race

Once upon a time, I was involved in the metaphysics that simplified things down to some  basic premises such as - change your thinking, change your life. What I have come to know is that this is accurate, not about surface things, but about our inner responses. When I can stay calm in the midst of the storm, the storm does not go away. My fear, my anger go away so that I am peaceful and therefore more agile in my response. I come to the rough spots from a different place. I don't stop the rough spots.

I do believe I can reduce the rough spots by my choices, but there still are rough patches in life.

My inner response is directed often by my faith and knowing that God is with me, whispering guidance, and in no way working against me. I know God is with us and on our side.

I  have been navigating a rough spot for some time now. This week had a day that was horrendous, shocking, beyond belief. At first, being in shock, a tear came to my eyes and confusion danced around me. But a peace did descend, I became more of an observer. I looked for patterns. I pondered the event during the rest of the day, and discovered it moved me to make a different decision than I had thought. I realized that that event was a split in the path, and my life was set on a different side than I had expected. I had thought something was settled, decided --but it was not- another door beckoned.

Let us trust in God and learn to listen even in moments of tumult. We don't have to stay in the rough spot as we walk The Way, for we are led onward and upward.

Thank You, God, for leading me every moment - in the glorious times, in the quiet times and in the tumultuous times. Help me make more and more of my choices in concert with You. Help me reduce the horrendous days and increase the days I am aware and awake in You.

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