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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Cosmic Physician

A vision came to me this morning in the shower. If a Cosmic Physician took the temperature of our earth, the diagnosis would be fever so high that hallucinations would be inevitable.

At so many points on our earth, there are feverish goings on accompanied by distorted views, maybe even hallucinations.

What could be the cure?

On the other hand, the vast majority of us are good people with no intention of doing dastardly things. It could be that with social media and 24 hour news, it all seems more dire than it actually is. Perhaps the antifa folks are really a tiny group. Perhaps the threats of politicians are just cries for attention to feed their egos. Maybe the villains on TV are just characters in the earth soap opera. Perhaps it can all be sorted out.

Divine One, Holy More open us to Your ideas on how to lower the fever raging across our planet. We dream of peace on earth, but we seem to be going the other direction. We need Your Wisdom and Guidance. Open us fully to You. Open our ears, our eyes and our hearts. Give us courage to walk in your Ways.

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