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Monday, November 19, 2018

Guidance - Inspiration

I know and believe that we receive an array of Guidance that is the inflowing of Spirit, Inspiration. This is true of the sincere seeker it seems to me. The insincere have some sort of block that keeps them from being aware of higher counsel, at least until they set their lives on a spiritual path.

Sometimes it is an intuition. It can be something someone says or a line from a book. It can be a voice as a whisper or a shout. It can be a vision or a vivid dream. It can come while asleep or awake or in meditation. The more receptive we are, the stronger and more consistent it is.

It tells us we are not alone. Something More is aware of us and offers to help us. What I cannot see or understand can be informed by The More.

Yet there are times when it seems all is silence. What do I do left to my own devices?

Do I wait? Do I make lists of choices? Do I look through my life and seek to find Guidance from the past that could be applied to today? Do I panic?
Panic, of course, cuts off access to our higher thinking, so is not a good choice.

What about being in a situation unlike anything you've ever known or thought about and there is silence? That's where I find myself. My day involves a lot of reading, prayer, meditation and participation in activities that help others. Nevertheless, I seem to be at the end of this potent spiritual set of lessons. It needs to be solved, resolved in the next two days. I must not panic. I listen.

God of all, Divine More, Thy Will be done in our lives. Speak, for I listen. Lead me for I will follow.

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