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Monday, April 15, 2019

Hardy Americans

It has seemed to me that we have been a hardy, vigorous, courageous, innovative, plain speaking, hopeful people. Our ancestors, whether recently or centuries ago, mostly came for a freer life.

There were Irish orphans, Africans and others who came as slaves, also the indentured servants, who did not originally have freedom. That is a sad part of human history, not just here, but all the way back to early human history. All of those who came under duress, were hardy souls too, souls whose DNA courses through our veins today.

We are the people who dared to fight for freedom from the great British empire with a ragtag army. We are the people who fought and died to end slavery. We are the people who ended facism, stood up to communism, stood against terrorism, landed on the moon, invented, transformed and led.

I see a disturbing trend that goes in the opposite direction. As I survey today, I sadly see a rise of wimps. Many people are offended by everything. They have to have "safe" spaces. They call anyone who has an opinion different than theirs horrible names. They make up bizarre words such as ungrammatical pronouns and call people names if they don't use them correctly. They try to shut down free speech. They rewrite history. They want to tear down our republic because their ill-informed history says we are bad. Confusion is spreading.

I think we must speak truth to power. We need to restore integrity in history, in dialogue, in all areas. We need to stand up to be the next great generation. Let us be strong, compassionate, vibrant people who again lead to an increasingly better world 🌎.

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