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Monday, April 22, 2019

Terror Lurking

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, terror struck Sri Lanka. Eight bombs tore to shreds the peace of churches and hotels. Some deranged men thought it somehow desirable to destroy fellow humans and their supposed safe spaces. They thought of them as easy pickings, not as brothers and sisters.

I know there is a lot of prayer going on today. Since Jesus encouraged us to pray for our enemies, I think we are called to pray for the perpetrators and all on earth that think as they do and may be planning evil actions this very moment. These people are out of attunement  with God. The Spark of God in them is covered by hate, ignorance and propaganda. They struggle in darkness.

Oh Divine Presence, knowing you are with us always, I lift to you those fellow brothers and sisters who live far from Your Light. They struggle with ugliness in darkness. They believe it is acceptable, indeed desirable, to destroy those they call "other." Touch their very souls with Your healing grace. Lead them to Your Light and Love. Save them from their ignorance. Open their eyes and hearts to Truth. Oh how we  long for them to come back to live as brothers and sisters with us. Oh how we long for the end of terror. We ask for Your Will to be done. We seal this in the name of Christ with the ancient seal of faith, Amen, Amen and Amen

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