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Monday, September 16, 2019

Peace or Pieces

Ever since I can remember, I've prayed and worked for peace. Sadly, it seems the world is fragmenting into pieces rather than coalescing into peace.

The values evident in my youth have frayed. In fact, it appears that all we have held dear is now under attack. Telling falsehoods to achieve a desired result seems to be in. It's the end justifies the means on steroids. Tearing down our way of life has almost become sport, a team sport at that. Unlikely teammates join to shut down other points of view, float ideas about how to drastically change our time proven institutions, flood our country with unchecked immigration, even open borders, and change our Constitutional rights.

Instead of thoughtful dialogue and debate, people who want to be our leaders speak with foul mouths and promote socialism, even communism.

Our freedoms, our Constitution, our traditions are important to me. I pray our people open their eyes in time.

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