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Friday, August 7, 2020

Grieving Globally

This morning in my meditation, I saw how so many people of earth are grieving, grieving for so many losses in so many ways. Of course there is the massive grief from the deaths of huge numbers of loved ones in the pandemic and its side effects. There is the grief of all kinds of losses such as: loss of employment, loss of businesses, loss of home, loss of trust, loss of stability, loss of freedoms, even loss of hope for some.

Then I thought of the stages of grief: shock or disbelief, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and acceptance. 

There are individuals and whole cultures going through these stages this very moment, not in unison of course. In any given moment, there are people in each stage. It has been shown that we do not go through these stages in an orderly manner, I'm done with shock now so I am going into denial. We go through all of them, but not in order or once and for all. We can be depressed and find ourselves back in shock, for example.

As I observe others, personally or in the news, it is clear to see people in stages of grief. We frequently see the anger stage in full blown expression. We even see people paid to express extreme anger. We see the guilt stage quite clearly as we watch one group blaming the other.

So I guess the question might be, how can we go through the grief of this time on earth without blowing up our way of life? How can we help one another grieve and pick up the pieces and still have our cherished freedom?

Please think on these things.

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