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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Predicting the Future

For thousands of years spiritual practices involved being here now. Of course, our bodies have no choice but to be in the present moment and at the actual current location. Our minds can stray here and there, so spiritual here/now teachings are directed to the mind. For example, Jesus told us to take no heed for tomorrow and to not lay up treasures that perish.

I was thinking about this, this morning and sort of looking over the paths I've taken. I really could not have predicted the incredible twists and turns I've experienced. From even just the vantage point of a year ago I was clueless as to the coming year- macular degeneration came into my life, a pandemic raced around the world and shut much of it down, riots destroyed parts of major cities, politicians started defunding police, a candidate for President is obviously in some stage of dementia, Marxism is being funded and promoted, the press is largely supportive of negative attacks on our Constitution and way of life. It is as if we've gone down the rabbit hole with Alice.

So I see not only value of the spiritual practice of being here now, but I also see the practical aspect. No matter how intelligent we are, we cannot predict much of the future accurately. Yes, there are intuitions and maybe psychic flashes, but for the most part, the future is not known, at least the details. We know we will leave this planet one day and move into another realm, but we don't know the exact time or place of our death.

Perhaps it would be best to make this very moment the best we can, for actually this moment is all we have.

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