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Saturday, May 7, 2022


It seems that much of our world has plunged into violence. It is heart-breaking! We see horrors of war and butchery, a huge amount of deaths of the pre-born (60+ million since Roe in America), shootings and stabbings on the streets,  drugs flooding in from Mexico and China that kill, trafficking of children into sex trade, cartels controlling so much, people in China being imprisoned in their apartment buildings to starve or die from lack of medication, a shift toward totalitarianism and Marxism, etc, etc, etc.

So, why? Richard Rohr sent out the following statement this morning:

The root of violence is the illusion of separation—from God, from Being itself, and from being one with everyone and everything.

That seemingly simple statement puts it succinctly, and I think accurately. As the people of earth get more and more untethered from spiritual roots, they get farther and farther from living and acting from spiritual understanding. Everything goes when nothing matters.

BUT everything does matter. Some are alienated from the truth of who they are. They are lost and in pain, and act out with reckless abandon. 

We are actually spiritual beings. We are accountable for our words and our deeds. 

We need somehow to communicate that God, The Divine Presence, Creator - is everywhere, in everyone, in every single thing. All is sacred. We are intertwined. We need to honor life, to honor our planet, to honor ourselves and everyone.

We can turn the mess around. We can wake up to the Truth, model it, teach it, be it, share it, shine it. Love our neighbors as ourselves - love yourself, and out of being at peace in your own heart, share that love with every speck of this planet and all upon it. 

Shall we try to save this planet before it descends farther?

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