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Monday, May 23, 2022

Bits of Me Here and There

Last week a molar had to be pulled, cracked all the way through the root! While in the dentist's chair, I mused about what would become of it, this tooth that had been with me for 70+ years. I thanked it and said goodbye in my mind. Would it be in some landfill? Then I thought how parts of me are scattered hither and yon. My tonsils left me when I was 3. A tumor left in my early 20's. My uterus left when I was 37. I said goodbye to my gallbladder in my 40's, etc. They are long gone in some way or the other, rotted in a landfill, burnt to ashes, or ...

Other parts of me are scattered around in other ways. The words I've spoken, words recorded, and words written, leave a global trail. One day we will see them all and evaluate them. No excuses will be accepted. 

What if we made a covenant with ourselves to from this day onward to be aware of ourselves and the trail we leave, and promise to leave a positive, uplifting trail?

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