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Friday, June 17, 2022


Cookies, especially warm, just out of the oven yes, they call me. I can ignore the cupcake but, not a truly tasty cookie.

Part of the spiritual journey is to rise above attachments.  Does this mean cookies too, oh no!.

Joking aside, letting go is part of our spiritual work if we are genuine/sincere about our journey. If/when we focus our lives primarily on less than God, we are attached to temporary things, to the things that rust and turn to dust, that we crave. Of course we cannot turn totally away from earthly things, we need food and water and shelter. But, when that is our overwhelming focus, it is a sign of attachment that stands in the way of spiritual growth and depth. If our attention is ego driven, it takes us astray. My (        ) is bigger and better than yours. Fill in with house, car, importance, etc.

Balance is about more than not falling over. After our earthly basics are met, our hearts and minds can turn to know and experience The Presence. We can spend daily time in prayer, in divine reading, in journaling, in spiritual discussion. We can open to Guidance and discover our purpose. We can be inspired and led to make a positive difference with our lives.

When we crave God more than ego things, we will find a new level of freedom and joy.

Lord, open me to crave You, fill me with wisdom, and help me live aware of Your Presence. Lead me to use my life energies only for good. Guide me to find my purpose for coming to earth. I surrender into Your Peace.

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