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Saturday, August 13, 2022

What Level?

The question arose in me this morning, out of what level am I living? It was prompted by something Meister Eckhart wrote.

To this end I was born, and by virtue of my birth being eternal, I shall never die. It is of the nature of this eternal birth that I have been eternally, that I am now, and shall be forever. What I am as a temporal creature is to die and come to nothingness, for it came with time and so with time it will pass away. In my eternal birth, however, everything was begotten. 

My creaturehood will certainly pass away, yet my soul will continue in its eternalness. So, my questions to myself are: Which occupies the majority of my time and energy? Out of which level of myself do I operate most frequently? Is there some reasonable balance?

It is obvious that some of me has to care for the temporary expression of me. My body has requirements. My mind has requirements. Relationships need to be cared for. Beyond these kinds of things, the eternal self is here too. 

If I make decisions purely from the level of my temporary self, they are shallow and egotistic. Decisions that include my eternal nature are expansive, inclusive and meaningful. I am aware that what I do here, I am accountable for there.

Let us consider out of what level are we living, choosing, expressing and in general showing up as.  How we show up in each and every moment reverberates across the ages and across the dimensions. 

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