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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Words from One of My Mentors

Back in 1978, as I prepared to move to Hawaii and found a new church, I was given the amazing gift of spending a day with Dr. Joseph Murphy in his home in Laguna Hills. He wrote over 30 books, at one time spoke to thousands every Sunday, and in all ways was an amazing man. His book, "The Power of the Subconscious Mind," was a best seller and therefore his most well-known book. He started out to be a Jesuit, but found more in other places. Look him up on Wikipedia, amazing man.

Anyway he told me that if I stayed focused on basic human needs, I would be a success. He said my sermons and classes needed to be practical, truthful, spoken at all levels, for those who came to me would be at all levels of understanding, and also needed to be inspirational and challenging too,

He said focus on relationships of all kinds - with self, with others and with God. Talk about healing them.  Talk about how they are interwoven. Talk of their importance. Talk about the power of the mind and self-talk. Give them practical and inspirational ideas.

He said focus on prosperity of all kinds - an abundance of good in their lives, abundance financially, abundance in life experience, abundance of goodness and compassion, abundance in spirituality.

He said focus on health and healing of all kinds - physical health, mental health, spiritual health. Share how they are interrelated and under our control for the most part. 

He said focus on God and practicing the Presence. All are important, but without God, one can only go so far in life in all other things. In fact, all other things are part of God, they are not separate.

Encourage everyone to be a life-long learner. Never stop. God is Infinite, so no one will arrive to the point of being all knowing. Humbly keep on learning and sharing and learning some more.

Tell them of the power of the subconscious mind and how to harness it for good. Tell them they are responsible to be and do the best, to rise to their lives as the best version of themselves they can be.

Tell them ways to get there, and with your own life model how it is the best you can. How you come to life will be the biggest teacher and encourager to those who come to you to learn.

Do these things, and all will be blest.

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