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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


It has been on my mind this morning. One of my friends for decades is leading a workshop on the parables this weekend. She asked me if I had available some of my spiritual quilts to adorn the walls, but they are still in containers waiting for our new home.

So I decided to make some for her. My Picasso style is quilted. My one on the shroud is ready to make the quilt sandwich and quilt later today, as is the drawing I made of Jesus.

Why am I doing this? Because she is my friend. Over the years we have lifted each other up.  We have gone through deep valleys with one anther. We have worked, danced with joy, wept and laughed together. She is part of me. She needs something from me that I can do, so I am doing it, just as she has done for me many times over the years.

I share this because I want to celebrate the blessing of friendship, the joy, the miracle of it all.

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