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Thursday, May 5, 2016

A New Way to Look At A Commandment

We all know the Commandment - Thou shalt not kill. This morning I read a new expansive take from "One Hundred and One Zen Stories."
Ga-San instructed his adherents one day: "Those who speak against killing, and who desire to spare the lives of all conscious beings are right. It is good to protect even animals and insects. But what about those persons who kill time, what about those who destroy wealth, and those who murder the economy of their society? We should not overlook them. Again, what of the one who preaches without enlightenment? He is killing Buddhism."
His understanding is expansive. He seems to consider destroying anything as killing. He seems to think that insincerity and incongruity are to be deemed killing. The last line I have seen so truly - so many clergy think preaching is a job, because they are not called and therefore are not inspired. Even the most fiery of the preachers who the world might think are inspired - by their words and actions one sees no actual enlightenment. They kill Christianity or whatever "faith" they pretend to express.

The enlightened are humble, loving, compassionate, forgiving and kill nothing or no one. As the Zen quote tells us, kill no time, kill no love, kill no wealth, do not destroy

I think we must ask ourselves a couple of questions. Do I truly seek enlightenment? What have I killed? How can I make amends?

I come open and willing - teach me Lord - lead me to know the Spiritual Reality - lead me to enlightenment. Forgive me for all I have "killed" and guide me to "kill" no more. 

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