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Monday, May 2, 2016

Living in the Moment

Almost all spiritual practices involve learning to be present in this very present moment. This moment comes but once and is instantly replaced by the next moment.

What's so important about that and about practicing the present? First of all, that way we don't miss our lives. So many people, in their heads, are in the past or the imagined future, thereby not here for what is here and now. I think many synchronistic events, many insights, many clues abounding are not noticed, missed and simply move on by.

On top of that, being present allows the opportunity to hear Guidance that is constantly streaming to us. At least we can catch some of the Divine speaking in us, to us.

A still mind, focused, present, a still heart, focused, present offer us the best opportunity to receive and be in communion with God.

I know it is not always easy to be at peace and still and available to God. We have many excuses for dwelling in the anguishes of the past or the projected possible wins or failures in the future. Sometimes we even wallow there. What good does it do to suffer from things long past or only maybe in our futures? It keeps us from hearing the "wee small voice" that will definitely lead us to a more spiritual future.

Even in the darkest valley, we can walk smoothly, stand tall, be present and hear the Guidance that leads us onward. I know. I've been walking quite a valley for over two years now. I know God is Guiding and the Light is dawning.

Be here, now. Be present. Let distractions go. Open to Guidance. My thoughts to you today.
God bless you.

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