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Sunday, May 22, 2016

God Is Present

As Meister Eckhart said - 
I have maintained ere this and I still maintain that I already possess all that is granted to me in eternity. For God in the fullness of his Godhead dwells eternally in his image --- the soul.
Jesus told us the kingdom is within. We can believe otherwise, but that does not make it so. The Divine Holy Presence indwells us. We are not lost, not alone, not bereft of God.

Yesterday I had one of THOSE experiences, one that dissolved the veil so that The Presence filled all of me, the room, the air. I was shown the many crossroads of my life and told, I was with you. You were safe. Even tho it looked dire at times, all was well. See, I have never failed you. I saved you at every crossroad. You are safe now too. And I saw a turn in my path just before me, and it s good.

They were wondrous, precious and wonderful moments when time stood still and The Presence was fully present.

Thank You, GOD. Help me stay awake in You. Lead me to live as You would have me live, in all ways mindful of You

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