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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rabbi Heschel and Faith

Faith is not a stagnant pool. It is rather a fountain that rises with the influx of personal experience. Personal faith flows out of an experience and a pledge... it is useless to offer conclusions of faith to those who do not posses the prerequisites of faith.
As I walk my life, I can see that each twist and turn not only contributes to my own philosophy of life but also builds spiritual strength and puts muscle on my faith. I know of what I speak, for I have been there, passed through, learned, applied and continued on.

My faith is a living thing that increases with each experience. I like the mental picture of the fountain rising and surging. There is nothing stagnant about a fountain, and to a person walking the spiritual quest, there is nothing stagnant about the growth of faith.

There are those who seem to walk their path with blinders, so that the great lessons of faith are missed or negated and a stagnant sort of dreary wandering replaces the thrill of spiritual quest. And there are some whose blinders are painted a fiery red, so that a raging fury walks the path and shouts down the true spiritual quest that calls and beckons us all.

To truly walk the path requires an openness, a non-attachment, a curiosity, an expectant joy, a willingness. It may look like courage from the outside, however, inside there is calm because faith is there.

My steps right now are reflected in my current affirmation/mantra, Lord, teach me more about You. Help me know You more fully.

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