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Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Path, The Way

Before Christianity was Christianity, it was called The Way. I think this is interesting. First of all Taoism is also called The Way (I love Lao Tse and what he shared about The Way). Secondly it implies that there is something to do, some activity, some hints at how to walk this earth as a spiritual being. Christianity before it was Christianity was also called The Jesus Movement. There it is again, move/walk as Jesus did.

It seems to me that in this "modern" time, there are a tiny few who know this Way, Walk It and Teach It. There are people teaching various theologies, always asking for money, some fairly sincere, some charlatans of the first rate. Most of these try to control rather than set free. They seed fear of others who are walking this earth in other variations of theology -- that group over there are not real Christians, but we are.

If we are diligent, we can seek out the True Followers of The Way that are here now, and we can study the writings of the deep seekers who have written as best they can what they Know from their intimate and wondrous relationship with the Divine. It just doesn't fit tidily into words, but the words can at least give hints. They leave us a trail of spiritual bread crumbs that we can follow, if we are willing to dig and delve, discover and discard that which turns out not to be true. One of my little books, Our Spiritual Ancestors Speak to Us Today, covers 8 who have been deeply significant in my journey of discovering The Way. There is an excerpt on my website,

To me, spirituality is a verb. It is an activity that engages us with Spirit in every aspect of our lives. As we awaken, we discover that it is who we are. As Teilhard said, "we are spiritual beings having a human experience." We become as Thomas a Kempis suggested, "The Imitation of the Christ," walking The Way with the glow of the Christ Light.

Even though it may be difficult to find some awakened people walking in The Way, it is possible. Even though it requires reading the thoughts of great spiritual lights, therefore study, contemplation, journaling, etc., it can be done and therein found is a great treasure, a great pearl.

Let us set out on The Way together, walking, living, being as reflections of the Light of Christ, as a beacon of hope to those wandering and seemingly lost. Hold spiritual hands with me as we walk The Way of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Joy, Light and Oneness with God. Turn on your light and let's get moving.

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