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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


This morning, musing in bed before getting up, thoughts of valleys rolled through my mind. First of all, our planet is not flat, so we have valleys and hills and mountains, rough spots and smooth spots, jungles and deserts, all manner of terrain. How interesting this makes our trek on earth. How dull and odd it would be if we walked life here only on a flat plain.

Then my mind rolled over to our own individual journeys here while on earth. Our lives have ups and downs, twists and turns. It is rarely boring here!

It occurred to me that at each spot on this path, God has been there with me. I have succeeded in moving up, down, around and through many tricky emotional, physical, spiritual and mental terrains. I have arrived pretty much intact here at this moment in time. In fact, I have arrived at this moment more fully awake partially because of each of the dips and twists and what they taught me and how my faith has deepened and my relationship with God has become more prominent, vital and present.

I turn to this moment in time. I realize that each of us experiences this moment uniquely. There are millions of experiences of what this moment means to us --- from the tribal dweller in the deepest jungle who knows nothing of our way of life to the most sophisticated being in the modern high rise. But also, our very neighbor also experiences today uniquely and likely not nearly the same today as yours or mine.

I walk a valley that has twisted and turned over two and half years, as it wanders over false accusations, freezing of what is "mine," loss, incredible surprises, unkept promises, and the determination to not give "them" who I am, to not become bitter, but rather to shine as who I am without circumstances controlling me. There are days of despair and tears, but then the awareness of the Holy Presence turns me from pity to hope.

This day I feel the breaking loose of the bonds that have tied us (my husband and me) to this valley. I have glimpses of the lush terrain we are about to enter. I pray that we will stay awake to Guidance and walk freedom with dignity and beauty.

I know that I am to be me, without being tethered to whatever is the current situation in my life or on the planet. I feel the threshold of something "new" about to burst upon us. I am ready. This valley has led me more or less safely to this now moment. I know I have been being prepared for something. It is peeking at me just around the next corner.

Reveal Yourself to me Lord, reveal where You lead me next. I do know that wherever I go, there You are. I am thankful.

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