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Monday, November 28, 2016

Around Every Bend

What surprises lie around every twist and turn of the journey here on earth. Sometimes glorious, sometimes challenging, sometimes wonderful, sometimes downright awful. It certainly keeps one on their toes.

It is fascinating, and it makes me want to stick around for a long time to see what happens next. Oh, I realize that I have some influence on what happens and a lot of power to focus my responses, but I don't have as much power as I once thought.

Perhaps there is a list of hoops we have to successfully jump through while here. Overcome the errors/sins available in the earth experiences seems probable to me. But then there is the need to put into practice the behaviors that testify quietly to living awake in the Divine Presence and not be swayed by darkness or use excuses for not living up to the highest.

I am struck over and over by the book of James, the brother of Jesus. It is a KEY I am sure to know how to live spiritually. I've read it in many translations, each giving unique nuances. I've read a variety of commentaries. I wrote an entire chapter on it in my book, "What On Earth Is Going On Spiritually Speaking." For all seekers, I suggest regular reading and contemplation of it.

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