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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Story of Job and Marlene

I've re-read the Book of Job a number of times in the past 3 years, being that I've been under siege from the powers that be this entire time. I keep looking for clues. I keep pondering the responses of people around me. I keep checking to see if there is some stone I've left unturned that could set us free and give us our money back.

I re-read Job this morning in the new translation, "The Message." I received several new thoughts from this reading. In chapter 13 I found a favorite:
You graffiti my life with lies.
Wow!That's just what happened. An anonymous accuser told lies - put graffiti on my life, on our lives. Without even one interview or one question or even one email from them, our life has been financially frozen by the powers that be. They put another layer of graffiti on my life. Many of my friends and family are like Job's "friends" in their unbelief of my/our innocence and their surprising trust in the powers that be and pointed disbelief. They added another layer of graffiti on our life. It is amazing and oh so disappointing to me.

Bearing false witness can cause havoc in an innocent person's life. So, I thought it is really important that we speak only truth and refrain from accusations, refrain from putting graffiti on the lives of others. As Jesus told us - let your ayes be ayes and your nays, nays. Just tell the truth. Don't accuse others we supposedly know and love, for we don't ever know the entire story. Find out the story. Stand with them.

This dark valley has been challenging to walk. I have grown and deepened. However, I may have experienced just as much growth and depth without the deep valley, because I am always on  a quest to learn and grow and shine more and more Light. It is said that it is almost over. I hope and pray so.

I declare the end of the power of graffiti on our lives. The Truth shines brightly. Let there be Light.

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