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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Flashes Leading Forward

Lately, I've been experiencing flashes of vignettes of past moments in my life. Seemingly out of nowhere, not related to what is in the present moment, but part of my life experience - I see and hear and feel a moment that once was.

One way to look at this is that each moment is woven into the fabric of our lives and participates in creating the tapestry of who we currently are. This event taught how to appreciate what is likely a fleeting thing; that event taught how sadness is lived through; another taught how humor became a strong underpinning; all of them led to another step on the spiritual quest that is life on earth.

This day we all add threads to the tapestry of our lives. The thread weaves a subtle pattern that goes on with us, is part of us, informs us, leads us onward. It reinforces what we know and leads us to a place to know more. It is part of who we are.

I think if we want to be more on the side of Light, we must become conscious of the threads we add to our being. Do we want to add angry threads, really? Do we want to add greedy threads, really? Do we want to add entangled threads of judgment and chaos, really? Or is it time to stop adding these to the tapestry of our lives?

How do we switch to threads of peace, generosity, forgiveness and faith? First become aware and stop ourselves when we start to weave into our eternal soul something less than holy, less than Light. Then think something like -- "I am in the Presence of the Divine. How do I speak and act in this holy moment? I stand on holy ground, ground created by The Creator. I stand in a body created by the Creator. I am a spiritual person having a human experience and am expected to remember that at all times."

Our self-talk is key to our life experience. We need to learn to be spiritual counselors to ourselves so that we guide our lives in the direction of Light.

Oh Divine Presence, I come this day to the realization of the importance of what I say, do and think, for each leaves lasting threads in the tapestry of my life and also in the lives of all in my presence. Guide and Inspire me to weave threads of Light and Love and to cease adding all unholy threads. Help me live more consciously and more fully dedicated to being the best person I can be at every level - body, mind and spirit. Thank You dear Lord.

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