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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Titles can be like little boxes that define and put limits. It gives one an easy out. This person is this and so is put in this box with no more thinking required. In some ways it is like prejudice - put people in categories and so have no need to look at individuals. Glittering generalities, a term from college days, then covers whatever the subject. Critical thinking can sit on a shelf acquiring dust.

So I was thinking about myself and titles I've had - child, daughter, granddaughter, niece, friend, student, wife, mother, teacher, pastor, Mrs., Ms., Dr., Rev. Each of these has a box defining the roles that go with such a title.

In my old age I tend to think of process rather than title. What am I doing with my time? I think and write thoughts about spiritual philosophy and spiritual psychology. I engage in sewing and the making of quilts. I am involved in various was in the community. Some of the ways that used to fill my time have faded away either temporarily or perhaps permanently.

And I find I really do not fit in a box. I am this and more. I am this with lots of shapes and styles. I am this expanding and questing being on this little planet, striving to discern much that appears to be unknowable from "regular" channels. The titles and boxes are split into a zillion pieces. I no longer am there.

It is all exhilarating. It scares the heck out of meek souls who want to live in boxes with others also in boxes. It is full of humor and joy and hope. I do love this horizonless view. God is Infinite - step out into the limitless quest to know and live awake in the Divine Presence. I wish for more souls to step out too and celebrate this incredible experience of human life on a blue and white planet in the corner of a small galaxy.

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