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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Christ Within

I was thinking about the Christ within that Paul, many mystics and others have spoken of. Let he who has eyes to see, ears to hear - often spoken according to the Gospels. I thought about looking with the eyes of Christ. What would that be like?

It occurred to me that creation that we do here is the same, or can be the same, process as Divine Creating. I imagined looking at a great masterpiece or hearing a great symphony - the great ones that were obviously inspired. To fully "get" what it is all about, I would need to enter into the spirit of it, merge into the music or the painting and let the experience flow over, around and in me. Later I might ask questions. What was the creator experiencing as the great work flowed out of him/her? In what way was the Spirit co-creating with the earthly being? But in the moment, I simply needed to immersed in the creation, enter its spirit.

Then I saw the creator, later, observing the creation that flowed in and through him/her. I saw us, the audience, observing the art or music. A piece of the person and a piece of the Spirit could be seen and felt and appreciated. We could in a small way look at the creation through the eyes of the creator.

Then I saw some brute come and destroy the creation. I felt the pain of its ending. I felt the pain in the soul of the destroyer. I felt a touch of what the creator and Spirit felt about this destruction.

In some small way this told me of how Christ sees with us, with his brothers and sisters, children of the same God. I saw the Light of Christ enfolding the destroyed and the destroyer, seeing beyond appearances, loving unceasingly, knowing that healing will come, if not now, eventually. I saw you and me merging and seeing with the eyes of Christ.

Imagine with me how we would see life looking out of the eyes of Christ. I think this is a part of our quest that leads us home.

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