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Monday, May 29, 2017


Sometimes synchronicity brings to me something over and over, showing it requires my attention. In recent weeks, the word "surplus" has come up in several and seemingly divergent contexts.

In one, Borg argues that when we read the scriptures for meanings, we find the surplus that has been there all along. It is more than the words alone, it means something that speaks to a place within. We may have overlooked the surplus hidden there before this moment, but now in a flash, the surplus washes over us and bathes us with its deep and profound message.

Tagore speaks of humanity containing a surplus, beyond what other forms of creation contain. That surplus calls us up and out. It draws us to eventual oneness and righteousness. Mind leads mind. The One leads the human to seek, to quest, to explore, to think, to discern, to create and to become more of what is possible.

Humans have asked for eons, "What am I? What is life? Who am I?" There is the gnawing feeling that we are incomplete, there is more. There is more to us than meets the eye, one could say. There is the ring of Infinite, Eternal, Creator sparking Itself in the depths of our souls. It calls to us.

There is the surplus that what we think and know is more than we usually comprehend. We live here on earth, in a body, with a mind, with a soul. We operate usually at the simple level of dealing with our day to day lives at a physical level. We often think there is not enough time to go on a spiritual quest, we have this and this and this to do. While our ordinary lives go on, we may miss surplus.

We think. How do we do that? What is that? If I say to you "apple," from somewhere you can picture an apple, but there is no actual apple inside of your head. If I say "Eifel Tower," you can picture it, yet there is no tall iron tower inside of you. One of our surplus areas is that we live in a virtual reality. That which is not "real" can be seen and known, coming to us from some virtual reality realm.

I was thinking of this the other night as we watched "Genius" on National Geographic Channel. Einstein's son had lived in the mental image, virtual reality, that his father had tried to burn him to death when he was a small boy. The virtual image tortured him. Then suddenly that picture was eliminated by his mother's confession that it was her fault and actually his dad had saved him.

That led me to think of all history, personal or not (or can any history escape being personal?). The mental images that come as virtual reality from our pasts, may or may not be accurate, but how they represent themselves is real to us and informs our decisions, our self-respect or lack of it, and tentacles itself into many areas of our own virtual reality and then into our version of reality. We may not be able to research whether or not our virtual reality matches reality or not, as in my case I'm sure none of the people who were there are still living on earth. We could, however, weigh whether or not the image serves to set us free or imprison us, to complete us or leave us fragmented. We could create another virtual reality that is helpful to our awakening.

Since the only thing actually going on is now, the past and future can only come as virtual reality images projected out of our own heads. The surplus there can be our healing, our release, our wholeness. A question comes to mind, can we stop ourselves from projecting virtual reality images on this now moment so as to be present for it with fresh and new eyes?

So much to think on, for sure.

Lord lead us to Your Reality. Heal the faulty images in our personal virtual realities. Lead us to You and to our whole and complete selves.

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