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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


It came and went, that day that marks the years of service on this planet. My biggest gift was that my husband got released from the hospital that evening. It was Good Friday this year. I was blessed to talk with both of my children. 59 people on Facebook typed in good wishes.

We grow old, or is it ripe or mature? Or we grow juvenile, as all those people demonstrating and organizing against sponsors of people that hurt their feelings. Just because someone hurt their feelings, they rail in fury. We progress or regress - life is not static.

We deal with our shadows or are controlled by them. When we are not at peace, it would do us well to look into our own shadows and do some in depth inner work. Otherwise we just flail along, out of control and lost from the deep center point within.

The juveniles of whatever actual age seem to be trying to lead us to destruction. Free speech, free thinking and even freedom itself are under attack from those who have not dealt with their shadows. Lord, lift them and give them clear sight. I know it is urgent, but still possible. Help us Lord.

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