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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Signs of Death

It's another quick thought day. I'm off to teach dyeing, fabric that is. Sharing this with a friend yesterday, her mind jumped to the end of this life, and then she began laughing at the idea I was teaching how to die. That led me to ponder some thoughts on this. How similar in many ways are our entrance and our exit. And maybe there is a need to prepare for our exit.

When we enter this life, our grand entrance is various - early, late, breech, head first, slow labor, quick labor, etc. When we leave earth, that process is also various.

The mother is usually notified of the birth process by pain, water bursting or surgery date. Having been with many at their passing, I know quite a few had an intuition that such a day was near, even if there did not seem to be any physical signs. It's rather like we have an inkling about our expiration date.

One way to consider this the death process is to view it in some way similar to birth, but in reverse. The labor of Death includes a wide variety, from pain to timing. We are also in death going through a birth process into the next dimension. Some slip easily through the tunnel of Light. Some resist mightily. There is a time for each of us to exit here and go there, to the next phase of life eternal. I wish for us, whenever that time comes, we can leave here and enter there gracefully and consciously.

So off to dyeing fabric as thoughts of dying swirl around.

Have a great, blessed day.

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